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Use what’s at hand: accessible consumer electronics for assistive technology and service delivery
May 2023 | Discussion Paper

Request for comments: We are happy to share our draft position paper on accessible consumer electronics and their potential to bridge the gap in assistive technology and service delivery. If you have comments or remarks, please share until 23 June 2023. The paper downloads as Word doc. You can provide comments to sabine.lobnig(at)


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2019 Review of the GARI Database - Invitation to submit comments or suggest changes to the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI)
May 2019 | Discussion Paper

As part of the GARI project, the MWF has committed to regular reviews of the features that we report on in light of changes in the technology and customer needs. As a result, we invite all stakeholders to provide any comments or suggestions on the features that they would like to see reported on by manufacturers, as well as comments on the usability of the GARI website.


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2017 Review of the GARI Database
May 2017 | Discussion Paper

The GARI database goes into its 4th review and we invite all interested parties to let us know about new accessibility features you would like to see added to the database, give suggestions for improvements to the website, the ease-of-use of the search interface and/or advice on how to improve the description of listed features. This document gives you guidance on how to participate.


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The Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) – towards fulfilling obligations under Article 9 of the UNCRPD
November 2016 | Discussion Paper

Over the recent years, mobile telecommunication devices have become a popular means of accessing ICT services and the trend goes clearly towards a majority of Internet traffic being generated from mobile devices. The proliferation of mobile phone use and the panoply of features that modern devices can offer, make it possible for mobile telecommunications devices to become the gateway to a more accessible society for everyone.


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