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Small Cell RF Exposure Measurement Project RFP
September 2016 | Technical Paper

With the ever-increasing demand for data on mobile devices, network operators are looking at a range of options to increase their network capacity. One of these options is through the use of ‘small cell’ sites, an umbrella term for operator-controlled, low-powered radio access nodes.

While the radio-frequency exposure from small cells is equivalent to other low-powered equipment, there has been interest in undertaking a practical study of the devices in real world settings.

The Mobile Manufacturers Forum [] and the Small Cell Forum [ ] are requesting proposals from suitably qualified researchers to undertake such a measurement program with the view to having the results published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal for the benefit of the larger research community and all interested stakeholders.


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RFP - EMF Limits and Compliance Assessment for Wireless Devices Operating above 6 GHz
December 2014 | Technical Paper

The objective of this RFP is to invite proposals for research into particular areas relevant for EMF compliance testing at frequencies above 6 GHz.


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Implications for Mobile Communications Infrastructure of Arbitrary Radio Frequency Exposure Limits
October 2010 | Technical Paper

RF measurements near base station sites show that public exposures to radio signals are typically hundreds or even thousands of times below the accepted international safety recommendations. However, public concern over the deployment of this infrastructure in some countries has led to the adoption of arbitrary restrictions, such as lower national exposure limits. These restrictions are not based on a clear scientific rationale taking into account the weight of research. Such measures provide no additional health protection for the community but they do have a real impact on efficient network deployment and operation. This paper examines the technical and public policy implications of arbitrarily lower RF limits.


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