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In many countries around the world, communities and consumers have questions about the safety the electromagnetic fields being generated by wireless devices and the networks upon which they rely.  The Mobile & Wireless Forum (MWF) was established to represent its members in dealing with these issues. MWF members currently represent the majority of the global mobile handset market, major network infrastructure providers, as well as manufacturers of a range of other professional and personal wireless devices. The MWF is currently working with governments and network operators around the world to strategically and responsibly address research, regulatory and communication issues related to mobile phones, wireless devices and health. The MWF is also dealing globally with issues such as accessibility and counterfeit devices in cooperation with governments and stakeholders.

Membership of the MWF offers a company a number of benefits:

  • A clear demonstration of a responsible approach to questions and concerns about product safety and accessibility;
  • Participation in comprehensive research projects undertaken with key universities, agencies and other stakeholders around the world;
  • Involvement in discussions with governments and regulators regarding business-critical regulatory developments relating to EMF, product safety, anti-counterfeiting and accessibility;
  • Access to cutting-edge knowledge relevant for product compliance testing; and
  • Participation in the development of standards relevant to product compliance.
Distinguishing the MWF from other industry associations

There are many industry associations that a company can belong to - and it can sometimes be difficult in understanding where each body fits in and how to distinguish one from the other. The MWF can be distinguished from other trade associations in the following ways:

  • It is a global organization, therefore able to provide a central global focus and consistency to the issue of wireless communications and health, accessibility and anti-counterfeiting for the benefit of its members.
  • It provides a unique form - an international association with scientific purpose - thereby combining both the role of a traditional trade association as well as one with a scientific mandate. The MWF promotes and supports the highest quality scientific research that engenders a high level of credibility and respect amongst key stakeholders.
  • It is technology-neutral - a critical point in an evolving market place. 
  • It operates at both a national and international level  - the MWF is involved with international and regional bodies and organisations, national governments and national trade associations. Where there is no national trade association - the MWF establishes direct relationships with national governments, consumer organizations and other stakeholders. Wherever possible we seek to work with national trade associations to leverage national contacts and experience with the MWF's subject matter expertise. This ensures that there is a mutual win-win for all concerned.
  • Categories and Classes of Membership

Category 1

Manufacturer of mobile phones and radio equipment for mobile or wireless networks.

Category 2

Manufacturer of mobile phones only or Manufacturer of radio equipment for mobile or wireless networks.

Category 3

 Manufacturer of other wireless communication devices.

Class A

Mobile Phone sales exceeding 50 million units and sales of equipment for mobile or wireless networks.



Class B

Mobile Phone sales exceeding 30 million units but less than 50 million units and sales of equipment for mobile or wireless networks.

Class B

Mobile Phone sales exceeding 60 Million mobile phones or equipment for mobile or wireless networks sales exceeding 6 Billion Euros


Class C

Mobile Phone sales less than 30 million handsets and sales of equipment for mobile or wireless networks less than or equal to 2 Billion Euros.

Class C

Mobile Phone sales exceeding 15 Million units but less than or equal to 60 Million units or equipment for mobile or wireless networks sales less than or equal to 6 Billion Euros

Class C

Manufacturer of wireless devices, other than mobile phones, where sales exceed 3.5 Billion Euros


Class D

Mobile Phone sales less than 15 million units.

Class D

Manufacturer of wireless devices, other than mobile phones, where sales are less or equal to 3.5 Billion Euros

For More Information

For more information on the cost of membership as well as to request copies of the MWF's constitution and articles of association please contact: enquiries (at)

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